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things i want to do before i die..

well...lately my dad's been encouraging me to make list of stuff so i will remember to do them. and since i don't really know what i want to do with my life right now. i've decided to keep a list of things i want to do before i die. i remember always saying i want to try/see/do this or that at least once in my life. but i never ever go about doing it after i say it because i either forget or for whatever other reason i can't think of right now. so now that i'm finally keeping a list...i'm hoping i'll finally do/accomplish some of these stuff. i will keep this at the top of my journal to remind myself. and so that i can look back on it very easily to add on anything i suddenly think of or check off the stuff i actually end up doing. lets hope.

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dramas, dramas, more dramas

usually whenever someone asks me if i've watched a certain drama i would saw yes...but really most dramas that i start watching i don't usually finish. and then i forget that i've started them...cause i'm forgetful like that. so heres just a list of the dramas i have watch, is in the processed of watching, started watching but forgot to finish, and want to watch in the future... just cause i like making lists XP... and it is sorta works as a reminder...

lets see how long this list will get XPCollapse )


books and mangas

so since i have a list of dramas might as well make a list of books and mangas...since i like making list XD
maybe seeing my list of books grow will make me want to read more. lol.

(starting August 2009)

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chicago trip

So for Christmas this years, my 2 high school friends suddenly decided to go to Chicago. It was kind of random too, for my Sweden/Ireland trip earlier this year, we had been planning for over 9 months since Tej moved to Sweden. For this trip, Mon found out she had 3 weeks of vacation during Christmas at the beginning of Dec and suggested we go somewhere. Then we book our tickets about 2 weeks before we went. But this was the first time I had gone on a trip with any of my friends from high school so it was a lot of fun.
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trip to sweden/ireland

Just got back from my first official trip without my parents (I don't think that 5 day road trip to Quebec with my roommate and her friends back in 2nd year of Uni really counted lol) a few days ago. Back at work again, now I'm missing being on vacation already!! When will be my next trip! =[

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4 am...sigh

argh. its past 4:30 am and i'm up downing lattes, coke, and sugary fruit juice when i have no work or anything important to do. something is very wrong about that. should probably be sleeping, but i'm so wide awake with a sugar rush right now. and suddenly i'm musing about my lacking of any real hobby or life. unless you count going to work and coming home to sit in front of a laptop watching hours after hours of dramas and any english subbed videos of johnny's groups i can find... and sleeping and waking up at ridiculous hours on weekends only to wake up and do the same thing i do everyday when i come home from work...a real hobby or a real life. why am i always so depressing when i am up and alone at ungodly hours of the day. i blame my sister for buying me the caffeine.

why do good guys always finish last...

i just finished watching this tvb drama called 'Cupid Stupid' and i am so disappointed with the ending its actually pissing me off...

*cough* spoilers *cough*

well to me tvb usually has really rushed, bad, predictable endings...so i wasn't really surprised how they rushed through the last 2 episodes trying to make everything happy in the end again. but argh those last 5 mins of the final episode....  T____T  sooo sad...and sooooo pissed!!! and its not just because i'm a fan if both steven ma and tavia yeung. right from the first episode i thought tavia's character should be with steven's character. they were so cute together!! i totally would believe that they were best friends who had known each other all their lives. steven's character would do just about anything for tavia's character. he was always there for her and cared about her. so i waited patiently through 20 episodes...till the last second...for them to be together. and it never did happen. he had to be the good guy and gave her up to micheal's character in the end!!! why does the good guy have to finish last... 

i don't understand it.... why can't love just workout with the one that cares about you most or is best with you. maybe i'm just a bit naive when it comes to love...seeing as all i know about love comes from books, dramas, movies, and love songs...


finally home from trip

finally got home from our family trip to the U.S. last night. that was probably the the first 'real' family trip we had in like 7-8 years. real as in not an over the weekend bus tour to the states. since my life has be completely uninteresting and just plain boring for the last half year or so...i feel like i should write it down somewhere for me to be able to look back on read about it later on. seriously...i have done literally nothing in the last half year or so. my life is just plain boring. one thing about the trip...it had very pretty scenary. i spent sooo much time just staring off into/at things...not really wanting to leave.  

but since i had been planning to post some scenic pics as well...but my sis is not done uploading all the pics yet. this post will currently serve as a reminder for me to write about it later. i will be back =] 

First Post...Again.... -_____-''

<______________<"""                 >______________>""''               T__________________T

wow i can't believe i forgot about this blog right after my first post. >______< this has got to be some sort of new record for me. -____-'' ok. that doesn't count. start over from............NOW!!! lets see how long i last on this blog THIS TIME!!  ^______^ i'm sure i'll be posting here a lot more now that i'm back at school. >______< hahaha oh the procrastination.  

First Post...My Top Ten

My very first post on this new blog. Lets see how long i with this one...since i tend to lose interest in my blogs quite frequently. This would be my 4th or 5th blog...depending on if you count the one i shared with some friends a few years ago. Going to start off with some stuff about me for my first post. This is a My Top Ten Ten survey thing i found on a friend's facebook.  

01. Televison show: pretty much most hk & jp dramas, futurama, simpsons, scrubs, etc.
02. Flower: sunflower
03. Color: green, black & grey
04. Sport: playing - tennis; watching - water-related ones, winter-related ones, soccer
05. Mall: eaton centre
06. Music: chinese, japanese, alternative
07. Food: japanese
08. Season: autumn
09. Animal: pandas & piggies
10. City: toronto...i haven't been long enough anywhere else to really say

01. Hometown: toronto
02. Hair color: dark brown/black
03. Hair length: longish
04. Hair style: straight w/ some bangs
05. Eye color: dark brown
06. Shoe size: 7-8
07. Mood: bored
08. Orientation: straight
09. Available?: yes, but not looking
10. Lefty/Righty: righty

01. Have you ever been in love: nope
02. Do you believe in love: i guess
03. Why did your last relationship fail?: there was no last relationship
04. Have you ever been heartbroken: nope
05. Have you ever broken someone's heart: haha i don't think i have the ability to do that
06. Have you ever fallen for your best friend: my best friend is a girl -__-''
07. Have you ever loved someone but never told them: maybe a few times...although i really wouldn't say love
08. Are you afraid of commitment: i guess maybe a bit...thats why i'm still single haha
09. Have you ever had a secret admirer: i seriously doubt it
10. Do you believe in love at first sight: i guess

01. Love or money: love...but doesn't have to be romantic love...i actually prefer friendship love and family love over romantic love...haha dorky
02. Hard liquor or beer: neither
04. One night stands or relationships: relationships
5. Televison or internet: i want both!!
06. Pepsi or coke: coke
07. Wild night out or romantic night in: haha wild night out
08. Colored or black and white pictures: coloured
09. Phone or in person: in person
10. AIM or myspace: err how about msn and facebook/friendster

01. Have you ever been caught sneaking out: no, i never even attempted
02. Have you ever skinny dipped: nope
03. Have you ever done something you regret: everything i do, i end up regretting 
04. Have you ever bungee jumped: nope...but i might try it one day
05. Have you ever been on a house boat: i don't think i have
06. Have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker: i don't think i ever really tried one
07. Have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurt: ummmm nope
10. Have you ever been caught by your parents doing it? no

01. Are you missing someone right now: not really
02. Are you happy: the exact opposite maybe
03. Are you talking to anyone right now: nope..too bad computers don't talk back
04. Are you a sensitive person: yeah at times
06. Do you cry a lot: only if i have a really good reason for it
07. What do you do when you are sad: mop around all day doing nothing...actually thats pretty much all i do everyday 
08. Do you have a crush on someone: not at the moment
09. Are your parents still married: yeah
10. Do you like someone right now: this is almost like question 8 -__-''